Running a business involves juggling various responsibilities, and managing finances is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects. In the world of numbers, having a certified public accountant (CPA) on your team can make all the difference. In this blog post, we’ll explore why skipping out on an expert CPA company could be a costly mistake for your business.

Ever wondered about the distinctions between an accountant and a certified public accountant (CPA)? Let’s break down the qualifications needed for each role, their licensing, and what it takes to stay up-to-date through continuing education.


An accountant is a pro at dealing with finances. They handle tasks like preparing and checking financial statements, keeping track of books, and analyzing money matters. Some accountants can even give tax advice and help with tax returns.

Unlike other professionals, accountants don’t need to pass a licensing exam or get licensed in a specific state. Plus, they don’t have to worry about ongoing education requirements.

Certified Public Accountant

A certified public accountant (CPA) is a super-skilled accountant who meets specific state requirements. They get an official license from their state and have to stay on top of the latest tax laws to keep that license. Becoming a CPA involves passing a tough exam called the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination and meeting other education and work requirements. CPAs are the only ones allowed to do mandatory audits for big U.S. companies that are traded publicly.

The CPA exam is no walk in the park – it takes several days and covers a bunch of financial and tax topics. Once they’re licensed, CPAs also have to do ongoing learning to keep their licenses up to date.

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CPA vs Accountant

Do business taxesYesYes
Represent business at tax auditYesLimited (only if the accountant did the business tax return)
Licensing requiredYesNo
Continuing education requiredYesNo
Help with payroll and payroll taxesYesYes
Prepare financial statementsYesYes
Analyze financial statementsYesYes

You Can’t Afford to Skip an Expert CPA

The IRS has some serious penalties for tax slip-ups, and they can hit your business hard with hefty fines. So, how do you steer clear of these penalties and make sure you’re making the most of your earnings?

Teaming up with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the key. They know the ins and outs of IRS rules, make things run smoother, and keep your operations on point. Let’s dive into how a CPA accounting firm helps business owners in Norfolk and nearby areas all around Northeast Nebraska.

You Can't Afford to Skip an Expert CPA

1. Improve Efficiency

Sorting out the books, year-end reports, and taxes can be a real puzzle and take up a lot of time. Some businesses, lacking the right skills, might resort to trial and error or seek advice.

Accountants, on the other hand, have special skills to handle historical data, crunch numbers, and provide solid financial advice. CPA consulting can even analyze data to help with decision-making.

So, why is teaming up with a CPA a game-changer for businesses?

  • Taking Over Financial Tasks: Keeping track of daily finances is a must for any business. It involves tasks like recording checks, deposits, sending invoices, reconciling bank accounts, and managing other financial records. When you partner with an accounting solutions provider, they handle these tasks, freeing up your time and your team’s energy to focus on the main business operations. Plus, CPAs are pros at quickly getting your books and reports in order, making your business run even smoother.

2. Increase Accuracy

Regular employees and business owners do their best with the tasks at hand. But when it comes to Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), it’s a whole different ball game. They play by a set of rules laid out by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and other professional bodies.

This means CPAs have to show they know their stuff, take good care of their clients, and always keep it professional and honest. If they don’t follow the rules, they could even lose their license!

Now, why does having a CPA on your team make a big difference?

  • Core Services: If you’re a business owner juggling everything, doing your own accounting can slow you down. But a CPA? They’re pros at keeping financial records in check. They focus on making sure your books are spot-on and up-to-date, leaving you free to run your business smoothly.
  • Accurate Accounting: CPAs have a whole toolbox of tricks to make sure their work is super accurate. Think double-entry systems, trial balances, balance sheets, and financial ratios. Long story short, they’ve got the skills, knowledge, and tools to keep your business on track with precise books and reports.

3. Saves You Money

Making a business profitable is a big goal for every business owner, right? And to run a healthy business, you also want to make the most of your resources. That’s where having an accountant comes in handy – they can help you avoid mistakes that could cost you money.

Here’s the lowdown on how having an accountant can actually save you money:

  • Tax Advice: If you mess up your taxes, it can lead to some serious penalties. And let’s face it, taxes can get pretty tricky, especially for different types of businesses. That’s where accountants shine. They give you the scoop on tax planning, business advice, and help you manage deadlines and transactions. All of this can help you lower your tax bill and keep more money in your pocket.
  • Outsourcing: Having an in-house accountant can rack up extra costs – think benefits, office space, and more. But what if you could get top-notch accounting and financial services without all those added expenses? That’s where partnering with an accounting firm comes in handy. You get the expertise without the extra costs.
  • Optimize Your Time: Time is money, right? Imagine if you didn’t have to spend hours every couple of weeks sorting through your books. That time could be better spent closing deals or focusing on your business. An accountant can free up your schedule, saving you money by making sure your time is well-spent.

4. They Are Experts

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are like financial superheroes. They go through tough exams and get registered all on their own. This means they play by the rules of the IRS and follow global standards for reporting finances.

Now, here’s why having a CPA on your team can be a game-changer:

  • Industry Knowledge: CPAs are in the loop with all the latest updates and changes in reporting standards. They even have a network to share knowledge. So, you’re getting someone on your team who really knows their stuff.
  • Time Management: Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about all the everyday money stuff. That’s where a CPA comes in – they take care of the routine financial tasks so you can focus on growing your business. It’s like having more time to make your business awesome!

5. Gain Unparalleled Insight

Accountants are like financial detectives with super cool analytical skills. If you’re a business owner, you can team up with them to get some really useful tips on making your business even better.

Here’s an example: CPAs can check out year-over-year trends to see if you’re spending too much on payroll or if it’s time to bump up your bill rates. It’s like having a financial expert on your side, helping you make smart moves for your business!

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In the dynamic world of business, the guidance of an expert CPA is not just beneficial – it’s essential. From navigating tax complexities to providing strategic financial advice, the value they bring to the table far outweighs the cost. So, don’t cut corners when it comes to your business’s financial health – invest in an expert CPA and set your business up for long-term success.

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