Managing travel and subsistence expenses can be challenging for business directors and employees. Understanding that only expenses directly and necessarily related to your business can be claimed is crucial.

If your employer or company covers your private travel expenses, they may be eligible for a tax credit. Maintaining a detailed record of your business mileage and related expenses is essential to support any claims if they are ever questioned.

Our Travel Expense Claim service covers various categories, including:

  1. Expenses for Private Motor Vehicles and Public Transport
  2. Hiring a Taxi
  3. Expenses for Meals and Accommodation
  4. Air Travel

Submit the Travel Expense Claim Form to Get Compensation.

Private Motor Vehicles and Public Transport Expenses 

Suppose you utilize your vehicle for medical or hospital appointments, Independent Medical Examinations, or Medical Panel Reviews related to your accepted claim. In that case, you can request reimbursement for the distance travelled in kilometres. Additionally, you can be reimbursed for parking fees and toll expenses incurred during these appointments. Alternatively, if you choose to use public transportation instead of driving, you may be eligible for reimbursement of the transportation costs.

Hiring a Taxi

You may be eligible for approval and reimbursement of taxi travel expenses when you cannot attend a medical or hospital appointment, an Independent Medical Examination, or a Medical Panel Review using a private vehicle or public transport.

To request reimbursement for taxi expenses, you must submit a written claim and a fully detailed receipt from the taxi service. Our team will carefully review the claim to ensure accuracy and process the reimbursement accordingly.

Meals and Accommodation Expenses 

Specific guidelines apply to meal and accommodation expenses when attending an Independent Medical Examination or a Medical Panel Review.

Food Expenses: If the distance between your residence and the appointment location is substantial and the appointment necessitates being away from home during meal times, you may be eligible for compensation for meal expenses.

Accommodation Expenses: Accommodation expenses can be reimbursed if your treating doctor confirms that attending the appointment and returning home on the same day is not feasible due to a work-related accident or illness.

Our team will carefully review the supporting documentation provided by your treating doctor to determine the eligibility for reimbursement of meals and accommodation expenses.

Air Travel 

When attending an Independent Medical Exam or a Medical Panel Review is necessary, and you do not have access to a private car or public transportation, or a taxi is not a viable option, air travel can be considered.

Please note that prior clearance is required for this option. It is essential to discuss your air travel plans with your Case Manager before making any preparations.

To initiate the reimbursement process for air travel expenses, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Copy of the airline’s receipt: A clear and legible copy of the receipt issued by the airline for your flight booking.
  2. Attendance information: Essential details include the name of the healthcare provider/hospital, appointment date, and appointment time.

Our team will carefully review the submitted documents to verify the eligibility for reimbursement of air travel expenses related to the Independent Medical Exam or Medical Panel Review.

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